Ocelot Chocolate Bars 75g
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Made by a newly married chef couple in Edinburgh, Matt and Ish use the highest grade organic and fairtrade produce. They also design all the packaging themselves to bring each bar it’s own personality.

They source beans from either Peru or the Congo insisting on healthy, high quality cacao and also protecting the environment and communities around them. As well as this, for every 100g of chocolate purchased, 1 cocoa tree is planted in these precious forests. The cacao pods are hand picked, and the beans fermented, sun dried, hand peeled and then processed into nibs, paste, butter and powder.

The 70% chocolate from Eastern Congo is made from beans which are grown in Virunga National park - Africa's oldest nature reserve, and the home of the last Mountain Gorillas. The beans reflect this wonderously diverse region, creating a chocolate with the rich and tart flavours of dark fruits, earthy forest floor and smoky tobacco. The 75% chocolate from Peru is made from a rare and precious white cacao known as Piura Porcelana. This unique and special cacao has been nurtured back from the brink of extinction and the chocolate it creates bursts with intense flavours of citrus fruits, kumquat, raspberries and sweet toasted nuts. They use this chocolate in both the Single Origin Peru and Raspberry & Vanilla.


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